Saturday, June 04, 2011

Being near those you love

For the last year I've been basking in the love of my family.

After I got married, I spent 14 years living in a different state than my family. At least a 6 hour drive in to visit. So it always took coordination to get to see them.

But last year? I made the big move back to my hometown. The city where I started out in kindergarten and finished when I got my Bachelor's degree. My family stayed in one community the entire time I went to school. My parents STILL live in the house where I finished out high school and my time in college.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed being near my family. I see my Mom and Dad once every two weeks or so. I get to see my little sister, her husband, and my littlest niece about the same. But my best friend? My older sister? I get to see her almost every weekday. We work at the same company and make a point of eating lunch together. And when we meet up? We talk and talk and talk. About anything and everything. When I moved away years ago, my older sister and I would talk maybe once a month or so. Now? [sigh] Every time we talk, it's such a treat.

What is amazing to me is that my older sister and I are opposites. Since we were in high school we've been best friends. And we're still going strong. I'm just so happy that she and the rest of my family are back into my regular life again. I've missed them deeply all these years.

Who do you cherish? And is that person in your life today?

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