Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 - 2nd Saturday

This week we were fully staffed. Next week we'll again be shorthanded. And we'll be shorthanded for the future. Why? Because my co-worker put in his notice on Wednesday. And he notified my boss that his last day would be Friday. Yesterday! That's right. He gave less than 3 days notice that he'd be leaving the company. Our company has a call center and when our clients can't get a hold of their normal contact person, the reps call our office directly to find someone to help. The reps have joked with me if my soon-to-be ex-co-worker even exists. Most of them have NEVER talked to him. It seems that he has yet to pick up his phone when they call him. And he's worked at the company twice as long as I have. What's even funnier is that we have two other offices in the US and the folks who do the same thing as we do in those offices feel the same way. None of them have ever interacted with this guy. I laugh when they say things like "Is he for REAL? Or is he a ghost?" The only good thing I can see about him giving notice is that I'll get overtime pay. Woohoo!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

2013 - 1st Saturday

I took off three days last week. It was so nice having those days off right after Christmas. I was able to extend the holiday. Sleeping in. Kicking back with the kids. But this week? Oy! I've been swamped. My co-worker took a couple days off before Christmas and then took the 3 days after New Years. So we've been short-handed. Two of us doing the work of three for about two weeks now. I've got about 6 more hours of work waiting for me to get to it before Monday. But I can't get motivated to log in.