Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 - 2nd Saturday

This week we were fully staffed. Next week we'll again be shorthanded. And we'll be shorthanded for the future. Why? Because my co-worker put in his notice on Wednesday. And he notified my boss that his last day would be Friday. Yesterday! That's right. He gave less than 3 days notice that he'd be leaving the company. Our company has a call center and when our clients can't get a hold of their normal contact person, the reps call our office directly to find someone to help. The reps have joked with me if my soon-to-be ex-co-worker even exists. Most of them have NEVER talked to him. It seems that he has yet to pick up his phone when they call him. And he's worked at the company twice as long as I have. What's even funnier is that we have two other offices in the US and the folks who do the same thing as we do in those offices feel the same way. None of them have ever interacted with this guy. I laugh when they say things like "Is he for REAL? Or is he a ghost?" The only good thing I can see about him giving notice is that I'll get overtime pay. Woohoo!

The kids had a good week. They were tired, but they did well overall. My son had his 10th birthday this week. Double digits! On our kids' birthdays they get to pick what we eat for dinner (within reason of course). My son picked this hole-in-the-wall pizza place that we go to when we take my husband to lunch when he's working. It's just a mile from his office and they serve the food really quick at a decent price. My son likes to get 2-slice + drink special and the pieces are HUGE! Today we had a family gathering here at the house. It was simple. My ILs asked if we had held a party with my son's friends. I told them that since my daughter didn't have a party so we didn't have a party for my son. This next set of birthdays they'll both have parties. It's only fair, you know?

My son has bad eyes, just like his Mama. He got his first pair in October 2011. He'll have another exam this coming Wednesday. I can tell that his eyes have gotten worse. He's doing those things that I used to do when I was his age. Tilting his chin up and looking at things at an angle. Moving closer to the tv when he's playing Xbox. Squinting. Yeah, my poor boy. Thankfully my daughter hasn't exhited any sign of near-sightedness. Hopefully she'll have 20-20 vision like her Dad.

I've been jogging off and on for the last 5 years. In all that time I've never run in an organized race. BE (my older sister) started running when she turned 40. Her kids are active and she wanted to be able to keep up with them. Like me, she used to be on the track team in  high school. Since she started running, she's completed at least 6 half marathons. She's been at me to sign up for organized events. But I've always run for me. For my health.

Lo and behold, my kids school has an annual 5k and 1.3 fun run every January. And I decided to sign up a couple months ago. Yesterday was THE DAY. My 1st run. Actually my first two runs. The 5k started at 9:15am. The 1.3 mile run started at 10:30am. I picked up my bib and packet at 8am. Unfortunately for me, it had been amazingly cold for the last few days. When I walked to the school (1/4 mile), it was only 28 degrees outside. I picked up my packet and stood in the sun. It didn't help much. While I had leggings, a tank top, a long sleeve compression shirt, a half-zip mock, and a hat on....I was cold. Some folks were going back to their cars to warm up. Since I had walked to the school, I actually walked back home to drop off my bag. I also took some time to make myself some hot tea and ate a breakfast bar. Before I walked back to the school, I grabbed some gloves. Oh...that put me over the top. I was finally comfortable.

I ran the 5k and ended up being 5th in my age group with a 28:41 time. I actually had time to get a free massage before the 1.3 mile run. That gal really got the tension out of my shoulders. Oh yeah! The fun run! There were a ton of kids that did it. I ended up 2nd in the adult ladies division with a time of 12:13. My average per mile time was pretty comparable -- 9:14 (5k) and then 9:24 (fun run), so at least I was consistent. Like I said, it was fun! I may just look into doing another 5k. For me.

I'm getting things in order in my mind. I called a divorce attorney for some clarification on the process here in this state. I now have an idea of the low-ball, high-ball, and mid-cost of a divorce. I now know the basic timeframe of a simple uncontested divorce versus one that ends up going to trial. I'm not one to jump into the unknown. I am a planner. Now, I'm planning my escape.

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