Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funny you should mention it...

I had lunch with BE (big sister #2) today. She and I won't see each other until after the holiday. Probably not until next week really.

It's always nice having lunch with her. It's been important to me these last couple of weeks as her MIL has been sick. I wanted to give the opportunity to express her sadness. Her frustration. Her worries.

She told me that she's pretty good handling the stress every day. I do have to say that when she'd speak with me that she'd break a little. Shed a few tears. She actually told me that she's grateful for that. It relieves just that extra bit of stress, you know?

At lunch BE mentioned to me about her son's playoff game on Friday. A championship playoff game? I didn't know about it! But she said as they were walking about that suddenly RA (little sister's husband) was next to them.RA had driven up there to watch the game. And he also took the opportunity to approach AE (big sister #2's husband) to express his condolences. AE looked at RA and walked away. BE looked at RA and shrugged.

I don't recall if I've mentioned it before but there's a riff between them. As with many riff's in the world, it's about money. Borrowed money. That hasn't been paid back.

But I can't believe that AE totally rejected RA. To his FACE!

RA and DA haven't been to any family events almost all year. Well, the events that BE and AE have hosted at their house. At least 5 events. [sigh] Thanksgiving and Christmas are events that are coming up that they would typically host. And guess who hasn't been invited? Yup. It's a pretty bad situation.

The thing is? I don't get in between them. I keep RA and DA in one side of me. I keep AE and BE on the other side. I don't discuss what I do with one set to the other. I keep them separate. I respect the riff. I don't get in the middle of it.

But what's funny? Is that my Dad actually mentioned it when he spoke to DA and I.

Dad: I know there's something going on between you girls. And I don't like it. You need to love each other. Talk about what's wrong. Fix it.

I can't believe my Dad actually said it. He got right in the middle of it. ARGH! So I have no idea WHAT the heck my Dad was thinking. But I guess that's his way of trying to fix it. Or get the ball rolling.

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