Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bump Bump and Bump Again

I was so happy in April when I made my last car payment.

Being free of that monthly expense would give me a bit of a financial buffer.

But wouldn't you know it, the darn car has been causing me problems for the past month.

May 11
I filled my car with about 13 gallons of gas. But the tank gauge still shows me just above empty. AND the # of miles to empty counter still showed me as 36 miles to E. I brought my car in the very next day. It was an all-day affair. I ended up shelling out around $350 for a new electronic sensor.

May 23
When my car was in, the guys did a once over on my car. They told me that my brake pads looked like they were getting super close to that point where they would need to be changed out. My car has over 80,000 miles on it and my brake pads haven't ever been changed out that I can recall. Plus I'm planning to take a couple trips out to Arizona and wanted to be sure I had a good set of brakes as I'll be headed over the mountains during that 7 hour drive to and from. Tack on another $300!

May 25
Wouldn't you know it. My car needed an oil change! Yes. I hit the mark and headed to my favorite oil change place and had it done. I always use synthetic oil, so that always brings the cost up. Of course, the air filter and oil filter adds to it. That was about an $75 expenditure.

May 31
I noticed my right rear wheel was making a squeaking/rubbing sound. It was okay when I was braking, but would start up once my foot was off the brake. I brought my car back super early on the 1st and they took a quick look. They thought they'd identified the issue and I got into work on time. I thought I was Scott free! But alas, no! When I was starting my drive home, I opened all my windows and still heard the darn sound. ARGH! So back to the place the next day. While it turned out to be a defective brake pad that they replaced with no charge to me, it was still a hassle to go in there twice in one week. Since I'd brought my car in a few times, the service guy told me that he'd have the glass guy come and fill the two little cracks that I had in my front window at no charge while I was there. Unfortunately, when I got there to pick up my car we found that the glass guy had only done one of the cracks. So the service guy told me to bring my car in Tuesday to Thursday and he'd get the crack filled AND give my car an interior detail. Get my carpets and chairs washed for free? I'm there!

June 8
I was planning on bringing my car in for that free detail. But after I dropped the kids off at school, I started my car and wouldn't you know it. The darn check engine light was one. What the heck?!? So I headed on into the shop. When I told him what happened, even HE couldn't believe it. No interior detail for me! The safe function of my car was more important. Some electronic routing thingy was broken and it needed to get changed out. Another $300 out of my pocket! I went in for a free detail and I end up with a lighter pocket. Ay-yay-yay!

I have to tell you folks that because of this cluster of money sucking breaks on my car...

I may not be a famous person, but I am definitely going to give Ford some bad marketing.

I am going to tell any and every person I know that while my car worked fine while I was paying for it. It completely went south once my car was paid off. That is definitely NOT a deal. You know what I'm saying?

So if you're reading this?


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