Saturday, June 18, 2011

You want WHAT for us to get in?

The kids and I attended a birthday party this afternoon.

The party was at a nearby lake that I'd never been to.

I drove up to the main gate of the lake.
Me: Can I please have a map?
Attendant: Sure, no problem. Do you live in the community?
Me: No, I actually live across the freeway in RB.
Attendant:Okay. That'll be 5 dollars for parking
While I bent over and grabbed my purse, all I could think of in my head was WTF? We have to PAY to get into the place to park our cars? There was no mention of this on the invitation. Not one syllable! It's not a ton of money but it would hav been nice to have some kind of notice of the parking fee for non-residents. You know what I'm saying?

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