Monday, June 20, 2011

Understanding your food

I'm just watching the 3rd episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and I'm amazed.

What amazes me the most is the lack of knowledge that the teenagers had about where food comes from.

Butter is from sweet corn?

Chocolate is from a cocoa lake?

Honey is from a bear?

Sausage is from a corn dog?

Jamie: Do you know where almonds come from?
Student: No.
Jamie: Do you know what an almond is?
Student: No.
Jamie: Really? [frowning]

Jamie: Where does guacamole come from? Apple? Avocado? Broccoli?
Student: Apple.
Jamie: Are you Mexican?
Student: Yes.
I'm serious. That was what some high school kids answered. Each question had 3 choices. And the kids were getting these simple questions wrong. [shaking head]

You've got to watch it. It'll just blow your mind. Like Jamie said. These kids are driving cars. They'll be able to vote in another year or two. And they have NO IDEA where their food comes from. Wow!

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