Saturday, November 05, 2011

Falling back...

It's time again for daylight savings. ARGH!

When I lived in Arizona, I didn't have to deal with changing the clocks twice a year. I found this terrific when the kids were born. No need to adjust their daily or nightly routines. I just put them to bed the same time every day.But now we live in CA and we've got to adjust our clocks tonight. [sigh] 

As I put BB down for bed tonight, I had to let him know about the clocks changing. I told him to stay in bed as long as possible. To try to fall back asleep again. That he should get himself some cereal and yogurt if I wasn't up and he was hungry. That I'd be awake around 8am. He is such a sleepy-head when I wake him up on school days. But on the weekend, he's up bright and early. Go figure...

What I'm not going to enjoy in the next week or two is how crazy it's going to be on the road driving home after work. It'll be dark at 5pm -- just in time for the commute. Yeah! Can you hear the sarcasm? People just don't realize that they have to adjust how they're driving. Turn your lights ON! Don't tailgate!

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