Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keeping at them to finish (and turn it in)

This Friday will mark the end of the 1st trimester for my kids.

Thanksgiving is next Thursday.

And my kid have the entire week off. THE. ENTIRE. WEEK!

It's amazing because in December they'll have 2 weeks off for winter break. TWO WEEKS!

Those kiddos have it made in the shade.

I don't recall having this many breaks while I was in school.


But I'm thankful that my Mom will be able to watch the kids a couple days next week while I'm at work.

I will be taking next Wednesday off. Why? So we can drive out and spend Thanksgiving in AZ with PD's family. We flip-flop Thanksgiving-Christmas every year between our families. This year we'll be spending Christmas in CA!!! Woohoo!

Since the end of the trimester is upon us, it's been teacher conference time. I was fortunate enough to speak with my son's and a couple of my daughter's teachers to discuss each of my kids' progress.

And I have to say....I have to work on things with them. One thing that's going to be major? Organization. They both are kind of flighty (not on the ball) when it comes to turning in homework. They'll have COMPLETED the homework but somehow it gets forgotten at home or in their folder. Crazy, no?

My daughter is also a procrastinator. She'll put things off to the last minute. Like the take home test and essay that was due today. She hadn't even READ the two chapters in her social studies book. And she had to fill in about 8 pages of questions. Thankfully, I read her planner on Friday and was able to encourage (and sometimes yelling at) her to get different pieces finished. Tonight? She tried to put off doing a math sheet. She told me that she had finished half of it and it wasn't due until Thursday. She had it out and I asked her to do a couple of them for me. Then she finished it in less than 5 minutes. DONE! Finito! So now she doesn't have to worry about it.

But it's going to be easier now that my son has finished football. Those three nights of practice were just about killing me. And now that's over [doing a happy dance] so I can focus on their school work.

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