Monday, November 14, 2011

Between Marriage & Divorce - 38

We have our good and our bad days.

Actually...good and bad conversations.

When we're tired?

It's not the best.

We sound distant.

We sound uninterested.

When we're tired?

We are easily irritated.

And the fact that we're not face-to-face, these conversations can push us back two steps instead of moving forward.

One bad conversation can keep my in a bad mood with PD for days. DAYS. And that is definitely not a positive situation for us to be in.

Yes. These phone conversations are critical at keeping us connected. Keeping us at building our marriage.

It's amazing how an irritated word or hesitant answer can make me feel. Make my mood swing up. Or down.

I have to remember that when I'm talking to him. I have to remember that he's interpreting my words just as like I'm interpreting things on my side.

Set my tired mind and body aside. I need to try to stay positive. Be in the moment. Not convey my stress. Not put an edge in my voice. Be in the moment. And express my love.

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