Sunday, November 13, 2011

Contributing to the cause

My son has had a blast his first season of tackle football.

I wasn't sure how he'd do but he really got into it.

And it was super-fun watching him have a good time.

He made his share of outstanding plays.

Last night was his team's end-of-season party.

We rented a room and ordered a bunch of pizzas.

But the rest of the food/drinks were via potluck. Yes. Parents had to sign-up to bring specific items.

You know how these things sometimes turn out.

People don't sign-up.

People take the easy way out. actually happened this time around.

Folks with the means (aka money) signed up to bring veggie trays.

Folks with the means signed up to bring fruit trays.

I brought a crock-pot full of cocktail meatballs. Something hot and filling on a rainy afternoon.

We couldn't eat when the party was supposed to start at 3:30.

We had the food.

What we didn't have?

Tableware -- plates, napkins, utensils.

That's right folks.

The TWO families that signed up to bring this stuff did NOT show up on time.


The boys ended up just grabbing slices of pizza.

We had to send someone up the road to get plates.

Then there are those folks who never signed up for stuff that brought chips. CHIPS! We had like 8 bags of chips. You know how many unopened bag of chips were left at the end of the party? FOUR BAGS OF CHIPS! 

[shaking head]


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