Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muddled in my thoughts

Since finding out my BIL's Mom, I've been thinking of my family.

My folks are about the same age as my BIL's folks.

While my Mom is relatively healthy, my father has had ailments a-plenty.

I remember the first time he got sick enough where I had to take care of him.

It was the day of my 6th grade graduation. He collapsed in pain in the house after we got home. We ended up calling my uncle who drove my Dad to the hospital. It was his first kidney stone.

More physical issues followed after that.

My Dad takes pills every day. In the morning. At lunch. At dinner. Before bed.

For a while there I would get more concerned as a new ailment would crop up. Thankfully, his condition is as stable as it can be for many years now.

And now?

I contemplate his time.

The moment that I dread.

Losing a parent. Losing my Dad.

He's got a strong personality. A strong presence in my life. I think my stoic nature comes directly from him. How he handles life. How he goes about things.


My Dad knows I love him.

My Mom knows I love her.

While I may see my Mom tomorrow at church, I'll definitely be seeing them on Monday. I'm going to give them both extra hugs.

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