Friday, February 03, 2012

Trying to be there

When my husband calls me, I try to be there for him.

Not just hearing his words.

Listening to what he says.

Listening to how he's saying it.

But when I'm caught up in my own muddled emotions, it's really hard to concentrate.

But I try.

I happened to call him around 4pm today to let him that we'd be at my sister's house on Sunday to watch the Superbowl. So I suggested that he call the kids on Saturday instead.

Anyway, I was very surprised when my cell phone rang at 5:30 as I was on my way to pick up my son. I looked at the caller ID and it was PD.

Me: Hello?
PD: Hey, it's me.
Me: What's up? What's wrong? (I knew something was up since I'd already talked to him earlier)
PD: I'm staying at my parents' tonight.
Me: What happened?
PD: My car sounded weird after I left work and then the check engine light came on.
Me: Oh no. Were you able to get to the dealer? (his car is still under warranty)
PD: Luckily I was able to make it there before they closed at 6pm.
Me: Okay good. Luckily it happened right when you left work then. Are you in a loaner car now?
PD:  Yeah. I'm heading out to my folks house now.
Me: Okay. Good. Drive carefully. I love you.
PD: Okay. Love you too.

Even though I've had a rough week emotionally, I tried hard to just BE there for him. To stay supportive and positive. You know? Do you think I succeeded?

And yeah...I've had a bad week. I was talking to my sister and I ended up getting a teary-eyed.

BE: I hope you're not mad about how I busted LG for sassy at you on Sunday.
Me: Yeah. It happens.
BE: I just didn't appreciate how she was acting when you do so much for her. You work all day. You get them everything they need. I just couldn't let her bad attitude go by without saying something.
Me: Sometimes I'm just too tired to call her on it.
BE: I know. Since you're the only one, she probably tunes you out sometimes. I thought maybe if she heard it from someone else that it would get her stop and think about her behavior.
Me: Thanks for jumping in. I appreciate it.
BE: AE (her husband) and I were talking and he said that "those kids deserve a Mom AND a Dad."

Of course, THAT got to me. Both my sister and BIL feel for my situation. They want me to be happy. They want the kids to be happy. They HOPE that my family will remain intact so the kids will have both of us. But it's slow going over here. Slow as molasses.

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