Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Got me by surprise

Today as I was organizing my desk, I found out that our office has a toll-free number.


I emailed the number to the PD just to let him know that he could use that number to call me during the day. This way he's not having to use his cell, you know?

Much to my surprise? My cell started ringing as I was making dinner for the kiddos.

Wait. It's Wednesday. Who the heck would be calling me mid-week? I looked at the caller ID and it said "home". What?

Me: Hello?
PD: It's me.
Me: What's wrong?
PD: Did you try calling me earlier?
Me: No....
PD: Oh okay. I saw a 800 number of the caller ID here at the house. As I was leaving work, I saw that you'd emailed me a 800 number so I thought it was you.
Me: You're so funny. That wasn't me.

He talked to the kiddos for a couple minutes each. It was a nice change of pace for them. The call was a good surprise for me. That he called. Out of the blue. Not because there was something wrong on his end. He was concerned about us. About me. It's nice to know he cares. Because there are a lot of moments when it just feels like he doesn't.

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