Sunday, February 09, 2014

2014 - 6th Sunday

I noticed the funniest thing the last few times we traded the kids.

PD has been AVOIDING me.

On Monday, PD emailed me to ask if he could take the kids out to dinner. Remember he is scheduled to take the kids every other weekend and last weekend they were with me. I wasn't about to deny him seeing his kids, so I emailed him back that it was fine. I was in the office working when he arrived. My son let him in and they both walked out together -- even though my daughter wasn't even close to leaving. Then he just dropped them off at the curb and didn't even bother walking them to the door. So I didn't even SEE him in person.

On Friday, he came by late to pick-up the kids for his weekend. Again I'm working in the office and my son let's him in. He doesn't even wait for both kids to put on their shoes. He was out the door as they both were sitting near the front door tying their shoes.

Can you say avoidance behavior? It's like he doesn't think I'll notice that he's acting strange or different than he normally does. He is such a dork.

And another thing? The guy doesn't use the doorbell. EVER! He uses his key to tap on the door. He doesn't use his knuckles to knock on the door. HE USES HIS KEY TO TAP ON IT. Uh....really? It's like he thinks the kids are right there waiting for him. NOT! While I'm in the office, my daughter is typically lounging in her room while my son is in the office with me. Do you know people who don't use the doorbell?

I just find it funny that PD is avoiding me though. I am astounded by all of his quirks that I just shrugged off when I was married to him. Now those quirks are gosh dang irritating! It's a wonder that I ignored those weird-isms for so long. Granted, I'm NO WHERE the vicinity of perfect but WOW!

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