Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last night was a doozy

Y'all know the plight I've had with my car these last couple of months.

Last night I was faced with another obstacle.

My darling car greeted me with a dead battery.

Dead as a doornail!

Thankfully my BIL was able to come over and help me.

We took out the old one.

Drove to CostCo to buy a new one.

But, alas, CostCo did not carry my battery size. What the heck?

So where to go? Where to go?

We ended up driving another 10 minutes to the nearest Kragen. Oh yeah, it's changed to O'Reilly now. I found out that the Hubs had bought my now dead battery at Kragen just under 2 years ago. So? So? I was able to get a prorated amount off the new battery cost. Yeah! Rather than having to fork over 95 buck, I only had to shell out $35. Woohoo!

But my darn car! My darn car!

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