Thursday, October 13, 2011

Between Marriage & Divorce - 13

So PD called me like he said he would today (Sep 26). We had another almost hour-long talk. Poor dear had to suffer through another question/answer session. I can't help it. My mind is full of questions. He doesn't readily reveal things, so it's up to me to pry. That's how it feels. But I'm working to improve our relationship and this is the only way I feel that I can. To understand him through the answers he gives me.

** Name something I said or did that you didn't like at Christmas, Valentine's, or July 4th.
PD - I can't think of anything...

** When you hooked up with her in April, did you think she'd be the one beforehand or would you have hooked up with someone eventually?
PD - Someone eventually.

** So you at the bar and she was there. What event was it?
PD - It wasn't an event.
Me - No event? I thought it was a happy hour with a bunch of folks from work. So it was just the two of you?
PD - Yes.
Me - So it was a date.
PD - I guess.
Me - So you asked her out or did she ask you out?
PD - She asked me out for a drink.
Me - And you figures "why not" and met up with her at the bar?
PD - Basically.
Me - Then you had some drinks. And one thing let to another. And you went to her house.
PD - Yes.

So she asked him out for drinks alone. Away from work. And he said yes. So she was receptive and available and made sure he knew. He saw the opportunity and went for it.

** You said you'd get together with her once or twice a week. Would she call you up or would you call her up?
PD - She'd call me up.
Me - Then you'd go to her house. Would you already have a bag in your car, just in case? Or would you go home first and grab stuff? Or did you have stuff at her house?
PD - I didn't have anything at her house. I'd go home first.

** Did she buy you a nice birthday gift?
PD - No. I told her not to give me anything.
Me - Why not? She has money.
PD - I didn't want to get anything that I'd have to give back.

** You said she didn't have any kids, so is she super fit?
PD - She has one.
Me - One what?
PD - A kid.
Me - When I asked you that question the other day, you said she didn't have any.
PD - I misunderstood you. I thought you asked if she and her ex had a kid together.
Me - So it's his?
PD - No, she was artificially inseminated.
Me - When you see her, where is her kid?
PD - At her ex's. He lives about 2 blocks away.
Me - How convenient, she'd call you when she didn't have her kid.
PD - Yes.
Me - Have you met her kid? Is it a boy or girl?
PD - A girl about BB's age.

** Would you say that she is pretty?
PD - Yes.

** So she's fit & thin & pretty & doesn't have stretchmarks?
PD - I never said she didn't have stretchmarks.
Me - And what size are her boobs? Big?
PD - Yeah. But they're strange.
Me - What do you mean strange?
PD - They're augmented and they're a strange shape.
Me - Well that didn't stop you from having fun with them.

I actually stopped and apologized for that catty comment. But it slipped out.

So through all this I've caught him a couple times not giving me the actual truth. Not huge lies but still not the truth. Maybe he thinks that I won't remember some of the answers. Maybe he doesn't realize he's not being completely honest about certain questions. I don't know. But I'm an inquisitive one and I'm going to continue asking questions. So he might as well tell the truth, right?

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