Thursday, October 27, 2011

Between Marriage & Divorce - 27

October 9

I have to say that this was a good reunion. PD now understands that we love him and always have.

PD said that he changed his mind about sending me the divorce papers when I told him that I didn't want a divorce.

He said he figured that I didn't want or need him anymore. That he felt I was happily settled here with the kids. He did think that I would actually readily agree to a divorce because he thought I wanted one. No! No! No! Furthest from the truth.

When I said that I still loved him and did not want a divorce, I guess he realized the error in his conclusion. The error in his logic. That what he thought was NOT the reality of our situation. That was why he broke it off with Michelle. He saw that I was still wanted him. To be married to him. Him. Him and only him. That my feelings for him never changed.

He actually said things will be fine now. Why? Because he's made the decision that it will be. I believe his mindset about how everything will be playing out has shifted. Now he can see us. That he knows we're still working towards a goal. Together. A goal to get us all back together.

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