Friday, October 28, 2011

Between Marriage & Divorce - 28

We've actually got a new goal.

A new goal?

Yes. A new one.

PD and I decided that the kids and I will be moving back to AZ. We've got tentative plans to move back in the summer. Once the kids finish out this school year. We want them to finish up the year with their friends and their current teacher(s). It'll be interesting to say the least to get through the next eight months.

At least PD knows in his heart now that I'm right here for him.

He said "sorry" to me. I actually said "sorry" to him.

Sorry for what we did. Sorry for what we didn't do. Sorry for what we said. Sorry for what we didn't say. Our role in the entire mess.

PD has now decided in his mind that we are back on track. He realizes that our lives are still intertwined. We are still connected. We still have a connection to each other. We still feel for each other. We have a future. A future that we BOTH have to work towards.

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