Monday, June 25, 2012

4 Days and Counting

Today's training wasn't the 30 minutes that I'd allocated. It turned out to be 90 minutes. That's right. THREE times longer than I'd expected.

Luckily? I'd gone to the bathroom and filled my water bottle before I dialed into the conference call.

Boy-oh-boy! It was long but it was interesting. I definitely have to read through the documentation and verify that I understand the information. You know? Jot down more notes to help me through the process.

Needless to say, it was an extremely busy day for me.

The VP whose group I used to work under came to my desk this morning. He knows that my current boss is working on getting me to stay on.

VP: So it's your last week huh?
Me: Apparently so...
VP:  I guess you don't do much, since they're not bothering to replace you and all. [chuckling]
Me: Yeah, I guess I'm a slacker! [laughing]
VP: That's you!
Me: Kicking me to the curb, eh?

We've got a private little joke. For now. We'll see if anything new happens tomorrow.

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