Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Days and Counting...maybe

I haven't received the final word about my job.

Potentially tomorrow will be my 5 day count down.

I will be training on a portion of someone's job tomorrow. Yes. TRAINING. It'll be with a gal who'll be going out on maternity leave soon. So if I DO stay, it'll be some temporary relief for her business unit.

My boss hasn't made any announcement to the company that my last day is this Friday. So we'll see if that announcement comes out tomorrow. Or even the next day. You know?

Interestingly enough, an announcement did come out recently about someone's resignation. An email went out to our entire office on Wednesday that a guy had submitted a resignation letter that day and it was taking effect immediately. Say what? He gave gave his resignation letter and he was leaving the same day? Wow! I wonder what the REAL story is on that situation. You know?

Anyway, this week is going to be busy. One of my counterparts is on vacation. On a cruise! And I get to be the designated cover person. I seriously dislike covering for this person too. The work I have to do is not my cup of tea. AT. ALL. But it has to get done. The other person who should help does a piss-poor job of things. So that leaves me to do things. But it's something that helps me bring home the bacon. Being a team player. [sigh]

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