Friday, June 29, 2012

No...I'm not leaving

So announcement was made, but my boss had a meeting with me and one of my peers today.

My boss basically went through the changes that would be happening in the next couple of weeks. That I WAS NOT leaving the company. Ha-ha-ha!

As of today, the girl who trained me the other day is now officially on leave. Yes. She left sooner than she anticipated. Thankfully I was able to go through the work with her. We just barely got through it too.

So I'm sure the word will get out pretty quick over this weekend (probably via Faceb00k) about the changes at work. I wouldn't be surprised that it's a negative take on things. What I would shock me is if it was communicated in a positive light.

My boss will be sending out an official email on Sunday or Monday. AHHHHH!!!! I'm sure I'll loads on stuff when I appear at work next week.

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