Sunday, July 08, 2012

7 Days to Move

Seven days until we move! I can't believe the move is almost upon us.

Today was a BIG packing day. I cleared out my son's closet and dresser. The only clothes he's got now are the items from his laundry basket that I washed this morning. I packed all the toys that were in his closet as well. His closet is EMPTY. Amazing! While I packed up my daughter's clothes from HER closet and dresser, I didn't do anything else in her room. She's got papers, workbooks, and other miscellaneous items that I have no idea if she wants to keep or not. She's a tween. She's picky, while my son is not.

I got to work in the kitchen as well. The counters are now clear. I had to break out the heavy boxes to contain all that stuff. Of course, we've still got the food in the cabinets and in the refrigerator, but even my spices are in a small open box ready to go.

There definitely is still a lot to do yet. I haven't touched my desk or my office drawers. All those miscellaneous items -- post-its, staples, my back-up drive, pens, pencils, paper, electronic chargers & connectors. [sigh]

Since the kids and I are moving back, you can guess that PD and I have been working hard at getting our relationship back on track. We've been talking on a regular basis and REALLY talking to each other. It hasn't been easy to get here. It's been hard work.

I know that some couples call it quits after going through what we've been through. But (like I've said before), I'm a fighter. I never stopped loving him. I never stopped dreaming of our future together. And I think he realized that when we talked. We've been taking small steps back towards each other. Slow but steady. I have to tell you that he actually talks about OUR future.  Yes, he talks about what WE are doing for the holidays. He talks about plans for US next year. This makes me so happy.

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