Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting things prepped & ready to go

With this month's rent, I sent in a note to my landlord that we would not be renewing our lease.

Earlier this week my landlord let me know that she wanted to show the place every week until we move out. She said she'd normally set up appointments to show the place every Sunday between 2-5. That's fine & dandy but since Father's Day is this weekend, she would show the place today. 

Oh boy...that just got me to start boxing things up and cleaning like crazy. Every day after work. [sigh] But the house looks SO clean. I've got 3 large boxes out in the garage. I also threw out about 7-8 bags of trash. Miscellaneous papers, mail, and junk that we don't use anymore. I've got 3 bags of clothes that we're going to give to Goodwill in the garage.

But my reasoning about getting things cleaned up nice now? Is that the sooner my landlord finds a "for sure" tenant, then the fewer times I'll need to get things cleaned up for showings. I'll just be able to concentrate on packing. I won't have to nit-pit about the dust bunnies or what-not that end up on the floor (darn Pergo floors!) when we're boxing items.

No new tenant as of today. So I'll need to clean up for next Saturday. But at least the miscellaneous stuff in the place is getting reduced ever so slowly, you know?

We still don't have a new place figured out yet. The Hubs was looking at places today. Or should I say TRYING to look at places today. Last night he told me he had 2 appointments set up to look at places today and he gave me the addresses. I had a couple different places that I found online, so I called the listing agents starting at 9:30 this morning.

I left 6 voicemails and spoke with one listing agent, who told me his availability today. I called the Hubs and told him to call that agent. The Hubs ended up seeing the property at 11am. Then two of the other agents got back to me. I forwarded their info to the Hubs and he's made arrangements to see those properties Monday and Tuesday.

The appointments the Hubs set up? Didn't pan out. One guy was 45 minute late. Too bad the Hubs left after waiting 30 minutes. The agent at the other property got sick and couldn't get anyone to meet up at the Hubs. Needless to say, my Hubby was NOT.HAPPY about that.

Thankfully I did make my calls this morning because it looks like my finds have been more responsive. The Hubs did say that if he didn't like any other properties or if he continued to have issues seeing properties that he'd be find leasing the house he saw this morning at 11am. Wow! I guess it was a nice place. We'll see how this all pans out.

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