Monday, June 18, 2012

Packing away

I am tired right now.

Since my kids are staying at my Mom's house right now, she made dinner for us tonight. She is super-awesome!

Because we'd had dinner already, I didn't have anything to cook or to clean tonight. Yeah!

So I took the opportunity to pack. Yes. PACK!

I boxed up a bunch of kitchen stuff that we don't use often. Platters. Extra coffee cups and plates. Baking sheets. Muffin tins. Loaf pans. Wood salad bowls. Glasses.

The kids went through their DVDs and figured out what they wanted to give to their baby cousin. They also weeded through their stuffed animal collection and streamlined just a little bit. They also took a bite out of their book collections.

I packed up 5 big boxes. So now I've got 8 boxes all sealed up ad ready to go. I also put the unused kitchen gadgets in a stack. You know, the standard items that every kitchen somehow has in it. A standing mixer. A blender. A George Foreman grill. [sigh] I haven't used ANY of these things! But I've got them! No. I'm not going to get rid of them. Hopefully our new rental kitchen will be larger than the one that's in our current townhouse. This one doesn't have much all.

So I'm well on my way to getting things straightened out here. But I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon and be rushed that last week we're here in SoCal. You know?

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