Saturday, February 09, 2013

2013 - 6th Saturday

I found out from a co-worker that one of our counterparts was let go this week. Basically FIRED! No one made an official announcement to us. I got a call yesterday afternoon anticipating to touch base from a gal in our mid-west office and she spilled the news. I couldn't believe it. FIRED! The person who was let go did the same type of work that the guy in my office used to do. So I'm wondering if his leaving highlighted the fact that his work could be split between me and my co-worker. We're doing the work. We're just swamped every day -- every week. Hopefully someone is looking at the big picture and figuring out the long-range outlook will be for our jobs. Because I am busy. ALL. THE. TIME. Thank goodness I've got my job though. Right?

The days are getting warmer. It's getting up to the 60's regularly and sometimes gets up in the low 70's. My son has decided that shorts are appropriate on what he considers "warm" days. He's such a funny kid. But it's just another reason why we don't live in a colder climate. I mean, they had that huge storm blow through the northeast. They're still recovering from the darn hurricane and now they've got to get through a blizzard situation. Sheesh! And there's my son in his shorts.

My daughter is giddy. She likes a particular boy. Every day she'll come home and sit in my office for a few minutes to spill what happened that day. If she talked to him. If she sat near him. It's too cute for words. I remember feeling giddy like that when I was her age. I could NEVER talk to my Mom like my daughter does with me. I feel honored to have her feel comfortable enough to spill the beans with me.

I went running today! I took it easy and only did a 2-miler. It felt good. It didn't take me long to recover. Once I stopped running, I was breathing normally in less than a minute. I know that means that I should have gone further or run faster, but I wanted to take it easy. I haven't run in 3 weeks! THREE! I definitely don't want to injure myself. I'm prone to shin splits too, so I had to be sure to stretch really well afterwards.

While I signed the dissolution papers this week and got them notarized, I told my attorney to delay the filing of everything until this coming week. We've got some financial stuff that we're dealing with right now and the filing would screw things up. Our financial thing will hopefully finish up either Monday or Tuesday. So I opted to have my husband served this coming week. I'm not sure what day that'll be though. I made sure that PD will be in his main  office this week. Because THAT is where I want him to be served. Most likely he'll be called out to the lobby. They don't let anyone in the back if at all possible. So there's no way they'll let a process server back there. I wonder if he'll even react when he gets the papers. I wonder if his co-workers will even notice. I've never met his co-workers even though we've taken him out to lunch a few times. He's never taken us to the back. Yup. That's right. He didn't bother taking me and the kids to meet his co-workers. Go figure.

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