Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 - 7th Saturday

No news is good news. Things are settling into a nice & quiet level of existence.

As most of you know, my daughter is in middle school and my son is in elementary. By this time in her life, my daughter is into the pre-teen things. She has her opinion on what is cool and what is not. Bringing Valentine's cards to everyone she knows is NOT a cool thing. So no need to get her anything to commemorate the day. My son's class was having a party. Uh, a party that I forgot about... Yes, mother of the year! So needless to say, who had to run an unexpected after dinner on Wednesday? There we were... me and my son grazing over the various card packages. Which one? Which one? He selected the cards and we quickly made our way home. The kid had to address and to sign each card. 32 cards! He was definitely a busy boy. Instead of handing out candy with his cards, each of his classmates got a pencil. I already knew that most of the other kids would be bringing sweets with their cards, so we didn't have to add to the sugary mess of the day. Right?

Valentine's was a disappointment (yet again0 for me. The couple years that the kids and I lived in my hometown, my Valentine's Day consisted of me getting flowers delivered. Everyone in the office assumed that the flowers were from my husband. I didn't correct their assumption. The flowers were actually from my older sister and her kids. I received nothing from my husband while I was gone. Nothing. But that wasn't different from any other year. I would have loved to get flowers and a gift each year, but (alas) I never got anything. I didn't want to be demanding as our financial situation was always pretty tight. But I always HOPED to get something. To be made to feel special. This year, my husband brought home some roses. 6 short-stemmed roses along with some filler flowers in a small vase. I could tell that he'd bought them at a grocery store on the way home from work. The flowers had that look to them. Come on ladies! We know store bought flowers when we see them. He did come home a little early from work, which was nice. But I think that was because everyone at work was told to go home early. We ended up going out for dinner. He happened to email me earlier in the day and said that we'd be going out to dinner and we'd decide when he got home. So when he came home, I mentioned 3 places that I wanted to eat at. We loaded into the car and went to my 1st choice. There was an 1.5 hour wait. So we left. We drove to the restaurant next door. No wait there, so we were seated quickly. But, unfortunately, the meal wasn't really that good. The meal didn't have much flavor. My daughter and I agreed that we'd never go to that restaurant ever again. The highlight of the night was that we saw a well-known local retired sports figure in the restaurant.

Marriage:I'm in a holding pattern. I'm playing the waiting game. I had to wait until our financial situation to clear up before I had my lawyer file the papers with the court. Our financials cleared on Tuesday, so I gave my lawyer the green light to serve the papers this Monday. But Monday happens to be a holiday, so the papers will be served on Tuesday (Feb 19th). Why did I want to wait this time? I wanted to see how Valentine's went. I wanted to see if he'd actually TRY to make things work. But he kept to his routine and did nothing to make me feel loved or cared about. That made me feel "done" with this marriage. You know? I gave it one last shot and he disappointed me yet again.So we'll see how he reacts after he gets the papers on Tuesday.

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