Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 - 8th Saturday

Holy Cow Batman! Another layoff! A whole slew of my co-workers are being laid off. They weren't escorted out this week, but they were forewarned that their last day would be April 30. Being notified so early will allow all of them to continue working and getting paid, while looking for a new job.
But as we all know, this economy sucks and jobs are few and far between. It'll be interesting when I hear stories about all of them (about 15) are out competing for the same jobs. I'm worried about the single folks who are being let go. At least the married people have another person who will continue to bring home the bacon. The single people rely on just their own income. [sigh]

On Monday, both the kids and I had the day off. We had a lazy morning and then went out to take PD out to lunch. PD actually suggested a restaurant that the kid and I had never been to. He'd gone there a few times with his co-workers. It was a place with a 'brunch-y" type menu. I had a veggie omelette, while PD and daughter had French Toast and my son had a grilled cheese. It was a beautiful day, so it was wrothwhile to drive up and spend an hour with him.

I've been anxious knowing that PD would be getting served this past week. I wasn't sure how he'd react. If he'd be angry. If he'd be compacent. If he'd try to reconcile. I just had no idea.

PD was served the papers on Tuesday afternoon at work. Like I'd mentioned earlier, PD was called out to the lobby and was served there. So no one in his group knew he'd been served divorce papers. He didn't mention anything when he came home either. When he was getting ready for bed, I went into the bedroom to verify that he'd received the papers. He said that he had. We decided to TRY to keep things as normal as possible in the house until we're further along in the process. PD is going to continue to live here in the meantime. We're companions now rather than husband and wife.

We did have one last hurrah last Saturday. PD earned a gift card to a high-end restaurant from work 2 weeks ago. We went to the restaurant last Saturday. I was able to get dressed up and everything. It was a date. Probably our last date as husband and wife. It was a nice dinner. We had a great conversation. He was actually engaged in the moment. I relished in every moment.

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