Saturday, March 02, 2013

2013 - 9th Saturday

Crazy busy. Yes, another crazy busy week. But it's good because I've been able to keep up with the craziness. I am definitely showing my worth. I'm completing deliverables right and left. Sometimes I feel like a chicken with its' head cut off because there's so much, but I make it through.
I just have to look at it all and prioritize what needs to be done ASAP and what can be put off to later in the day. I am getting busier with phone calls though. I had to notify one of the managers that is being let go that one of her staff has not been calling or emailing clients back. The reason I know? It's because I've been getting the calls from clients saying this staff member isn't providing good service to them. ARGH! I couldn't help but put up that red-flag. I am NOT going to be put in the middle making excuses for this person. This person is supposed to still be on-the-job. You know? I'm sympathetic, but don't offload your work on me.

My kids are happy as a clam that Spring Break is coming up. I'm hoping that their final grades for this 3rd Quarter will be good. We had a teacher conference at my son's school. He's doing well at school. I just hope my daughter is doing as well. She's very closed about things. She might be doing well on her tests, it's just her homework that often falls by the wayside and bring her overall grade down. She is SO like her father about waiting until the last minute to do stuff. It drives me nutty.

Like I said, my kids' Spring Break is coming up. Quickly! For the past 1.5 weeks, I've been contemplating bringing them to my hometown for the week. I'd already scheduled to take the week off with them. But I realized that with the layoff at work that I should put in some facetime at the office. So I'll be working 2 days. I also decided to take the kids to Disneyland/Callifornia Adventure for 2 days resulting in an overnight at a hotel. I shopped online and selected a hotel and booked it. I was able to get a good rate at a 3-star hotel that has a year-round heated pool. Score!

Last Sunday we went to my ILs house for dinner. It was a multi-event celebration. My SIL was recovering from a successful reconstruction surgery -- she's a breast cancer survivor. My BIL accepted a new job at a company that is located 10 minutes from his son's preschool and his wife's parents' house. AND my ILs were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. All this good news for them. And unbeknownst to his family, PD and I we're in the midst of our divorce. Like not telling the kids yet, PD won't be informing his family until we're further into the process. Fine and dandy. But it's interesting that good things are happening to people in his family, while nothing good is happening in PD's. Karma is a bitch. And she's biting him in his ASS.

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