Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 - 17th Saturday

Will the craziness never end? Most of the folks who were given two months warning left with a sigh. I am not in the office so I have no idea how the final departures went. But more than one has left their work in quite a state of disrepair. Shambles really. Still getting calls from folks saying "why didn't so-and-so call me back?"
Every time I see a certain caller ID number show up on my phone I take a DEEP breath and call on patience to engulf my being. Sometimes it works and other times that sense of calm flies out the window in less than two minutes. How about the call that lasted for 18 minutes that should have only been 3 minutes tops? The reason why it lasted so long was that the %<#*€ caller kept on talking -even when I was asking a question. I couldn't get a word in. After she interrupted me a few times, I waited about 3 seconds before asking a question. But NO, she would start talking again. I finally had to say "STOP! I have two questions." After I asked the first question she started to spool again. I had to say "stop" again before I asked the second question. It was so frustrating! But I finally got off the phone with her. And ended up asking a break. Ha!

The kids both did great for 3rd quarter. It's hard to believe that they ate in the midst of 4th quarter and will be out of school in less than 4 weeks. Seriously! They started school the first full week in August, so they're near the end. One full school year under their belts back here in AZ.

I didn't sign them up for any camps or classes this summer. Can you say bad Mom? But the thing is that I wasn't sure about the whole money situation for me. I didn't want to overcommit my funds. So... The kids will be home mostly. We've got the pool in the backyard, so I'm sure they'll be out there at least an hour every day. I already discussed having "educational" time during the day with the kids. We're going to hit the library at least once a week to stock up new reads for the week. I remember riding my bike with my older sisters doing just that when I was a kid. We'd ride to the library, the ride to the 7-11 for Slurpees, and then ride home. It was a big triangle route that was a good 6 miles.

We're also going to get some summer transition workbooks that'll ensure the have grasped the current year's work and get them started for the upcoming year. I want to have them do some art time (drawing, coloring, painting, or sculpting). I remember how much my art history class opened my eyes to how art has changed and I want them to get some knowledge on some of the most famous artists. Yeah, it may be boring for them but it'll open their minds to some new information that their schools don't touch on.

Last time I wrote, the kids and I were prepping for Spring Break. Let me tell you that we had a blast at Disney. Next time we go it'll be for 3 full days. Too much to do in 1.5 days! It was busy and we waited in line more than we did our last visit 3years ago. But we had fun. Lots of fun. We also spent time with my family in my hometown. It was just nice to be in a comfortable setting and not have to guard myself.

Well, I did put up my guard a little. I used this visit to tell my folks and sister that I was getting a divorce. I didn't want to tell them this over the phone. I wanted to tell them in person. And I think it's one of the best decisions I've made this year. Telling them in person allowed them to see my face and my demeanor. The could SEE that I was fine. I wasn't a crying mess. I was resolved in my plan of action. There was an acceptance in the way I expressed myself and in the way I carried myself. You know? I feel strong. And it totally shows.

My attorney sent my husband all the official paperwork for the divorce. My husband went over to a notary this morning and signed all the documents. He's going to drop them off at my attorney's office on Tuesday. Once my attorney looks everything over, I'll meet up with him and sign the paperwork (which he'll notarized for me). Then he'll go and file the paperwork with the courthouse.he said that the judge typically takes between 7 - 10 days to get down the stack and read what has been received. Once the judge signs and stamps everything... I'll be divorced! Of course, the courthouse will make copies off all the singed paperwork and send it to my husband (soon to be EX) and my attorney. So it'll sometime in May! I verified with my husband that he got the papers signed today. Then I said "it'll be soon..." He looked at me and said "the judge still as to sign everything..." Hey buddy.... I know the judge has to sign off on it. But I also know that it only takes the judge 7-10 days to get to what's been dropped off. I still think my husband thinks it'll take another couple months for everything to go through for our divorce. Uh...NO! Why do you think I hired an attorney? To push things through!

What I do find amusing is that I confronted my husband with the truth that I know. And even when I described certain things that I know....he still wasn't owning up to it. It's like he thought if he ignored what I was saying that it would go away. That I would stop. Well, if the truth hurts and in the light of're not able to be MAN enough to own up to you're actions then YOU have obviously done something wrong. He knows that I know the truth about his lies to me. And he's still acting like an ostrich and putting his had in the ground. The truth is still the truth! Even if you don't admit it.

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