Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 - 1st Sunday

It's a brand new year!
Most people come up with resolutions.
Start Exercise.
Stop smoking.
Stop cursing.

Rather than making resolutions, I've set some GOALS for myself.
Goals that will change my life.
Goals that will improve our quality of life.
The kids and I have a comfortable life.
We always have food in the refrigerator and in our pantry.
We have a solid roof over our heads - granted it's a rental.
We've got clothes to wear and a washer/drier to clean them.
By most of the world's standards, we have a cushy life.
But really without my ex's child/spousal support we'd be hurting.
I've made a small investment to build my own business.
My GOAL this year is to grow it enough so that I can decrease my debt 50% from what it is today.
My 3 YEAR GOAL is to BUY A HOUSE all by myself.
My 5 YEAR GOAL is to have socked away enough money to send my daughter to any university.
Then a few years later I should have enough socked away for my son's education.
No resolutions....just goals!!!

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